Counselling can help you to look at new ways of seeing situations, understand your feelings and thoughts. By talking about your problems you can gain some insight into your difficulties and  counselling can help to achieve this.

Counselling is not a magic fix, the insights and new awareness that you gain through counselling can help you to make the changes you want to see. 

I am passionate about my work and believe that talking about your feelings and experiences will lead to self-awareness and growth which is healing and empowering. I provide a safe, warm, trusting, and professional working environment, where you will be accepted and heard without judgement or agenda. I create the conditions needed to help you work through past hurts so that you can move forward in your life. Sometimes, having somewhere you can safely say anything out loud can be a powerful start to healing.  

Yes. I do not share your information with other parties and what you say to me in our sessions remains confidential. I cover confidentiality in our first meeting with a working agreement/contract that I use when we first start working together.

I offer face to face counselling  where  I see my clients at my private practice in Alton. Alternatively, for clients who prefer remote counselling or do not live locally I also offer  telephone and online counselling. 

I cannot offer any guarantees, but choosing a therapist is a very personal thing which is why I offer a free 20 minute phone assessment call  so that we can talk about your needs and and you can ask any questions that you may have.  

You can then decide what you would like to do, without any pressure or obligation to book a session.

Each session is 50 – 60 minutes long and we will usually meet weekly, at least to start with.

This is a difficult question to answer and really depends on you. 

Some people find that they only need 6 or 8 sessions to deal with a particular issue where solution focussed therapy works well and others need longer term therapy. 

I work at your pace and for as long as you need. I generally find that we each know when the therapy is coming to its natural end. 

I will check in regularly to review our work together.